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At the International School of Music Westcoast, we encourage a love for music amongst children. With unique and contemporary music classes for kids, our programs aim to emphasise creativity and nurture young minds. Our goal is to create an atmosphere where children experience musical, intellectual and emotional growth, becoming independent learners. Our music classes in Perth give children the gift of music, and the ability to be confident performers.

With a team of highly experienced teachers and musicians leading the way, our children are inspired to learn music as another language. We strive to deliver maximum benefits to all our students. At ISM we have a strong belief in encouraging not only a love for music, but a strong understanding of music. We do this through our interactive kids’ music lessons, keeping our classes engaging and exciting.

Located in Wembley, our music school for kids provides optimum value to all Perth children from 2 years of age. Our music school offers a place to explore and appreciate the musical language alongside likeminded individuals. To find out more about our music lessons for children, contact us today.


  • Emma and Sarah have been students at ISM since they were 6 and 5 years old. They are now both in Secondary School and have been at ISM for 9 and 8 years respectively. They love playing the piano and going to their lessons. We feel strongly that learning to play the piano has directly contributed to their musical (and academic) success at school. The progression of their technical ability, memory, discipline and creativity has been amazing. They have both developed a passion for the piano and all music - we enjoy listening to them play every day, and we are so grateful for all the fantastic teachers and great program at ISM!

    -Leanne + David Bond

  • My daughter has attended ISM Westcoast music classes since she was two years old, and she has progressed through each stage with much joy, fulfillment and friendship. In the seven years that she has been with ISM Westcoast, she has had only three teachers, which reflects the stability of the teaching staff and of the organisation itself. Most importantly for me, though, is the broad and solid basis on which ISM's teaching approach is founded. It is the most thorough (ambitious, even!) and least 'gimmicky' approach to early music education that I have come across.

    My husband and I are both professional musicians and music teachers, and we both regularly meet students with backgrounds in different piano or music pedagogy 'methods'. In comparison, when we encounter students who have studied at ISM Westcoast, they invariably exhibit a far more complete understanding of music theory, a more mature musicianship and they are excellent sight-readers.

    At ISM Westcoast, we are confident that our own daughter is receiving a superior early music education which will prepare her for future musical opportunities and last her the rest of her life.

    -Libby Hammer

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