Music Classes For 2 Year Old's

2 year old course

At the International School of Music Westcoast, we’ve created a program providing children with the opportunity to be immersed into the musical world. Our musical classes for toddlers incorporate a mixture of original and known musical favourites, actions to songs, percussion, movement to music and musical craft relating to the lesson topic. Located in Wembley, Perth our music school is the perfect place to explore the musical language.

Our music lessons for toddlers through to 2-year olds include an introduction to early music fundamentals such as:

  • Rhythm/Beat - using percussions
  • Aural - developing listening skills
  • Pitch - singing songs
  • Gross motor skills - action to music or songs

Children are required to attend one lesson per week for 30 minutes with parents or a carer, and siblings are welcome to attend. For lots of musical fun in an unpressured classroom environment, get in contact with the International School of Music Westcoast today. Perfect for toddlers, through to 2-year olds, our music classes are an ideal way to create the ultimate foundation for a lifetime of musical love!

All teachers are preschool and musically qualified. Classes have a maximum of 10 children per group. At 3 years, the children can progress to Little Beebopper Music.

For 3 Years Old

This program aims to introduce early music fundamentals to this most receptive age group.

Each Lessons Involves:
  • Weekly Theme
  • Singing to encourage pitch
  • Percussion Playing to known rhythms on the board for early graphic recognition
  • Action and Movement to develop response and gross and fine motor co-ordination
  • Music Games and Activities to have loads of fun and encourage social activity
  • Weekly Worksheet to reinforce early muscial concepts learnt and assist fine motor development
  • Learning to work in a group and an ideal environment for developing social skills and new friendships.
3 year old course

Classes are 45 minutes long and are unique in that children are introduced to basic rhythm and pitch notation in preparation for our Pianorama Junior Programme at age 4.

From 4 Years Old

4 year old course

Pianorama is a programme offered by the International School of Music. It integrates the learning of the piano/keyboard simultaneously with musicianship skills.

In a 45 minute weekly lesson during school terms, the students cover the following:
  • Piano/keyboard tuition - studying all styles of music with solo and ensemble experience;
  • Singing - to develop pitch and aural
  • Percussion to develop rhythmic skills
  • Theory/ Musical games - for confirmation of reading notation and musical elements
  • Music Appreciation - understanding of musical structure and creativity

Our classes have a maximum of 10 students, grouped according to age. Each student is provided with a digital piano for use in the classroom.

Our aim is for students to be creative and have fun in a lively class atmosphere, while developing traditional piano technique.

Students must have a piano/digital piano/keyboard for home practice.
advance course

Advanced Courses

Pianorama Intermediate Course

advance course

Expand Musical And Technical Skills Acquired.

This is for Junior Course graduates, to further expand musical and technical skills acquired thus far. The students learn to become more musically independent and work at a more comprehensive level. The course covers repertoire, technique development, solfege aural concepts, harmonic extension, theory worksheets and ensemble and individual practical work.

advance course

Pianorama Extension Course

First Course

Extension Course is for Primary and Intermediate Course graduates.

All musical styles or repertoire with a technical development programme are covered at this level. This, together with the acquired musical awareness, enables the teacher to work with the students in composition, improvisation, keyboard harmony and theoretical worksheets. Students cover the AMEB theory syllabus and have the option to present for the AMEB examinations if appropriate.

Private Tuition

Individual piano tuition is available to all Pianorama group graduates. Students study the AMEB practical examination syllabus.

Private Course