Music Classes For 2 Year Old's

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At the International School of Music Westcoast, we’ve created a program providing children with the opportunity to be immersed into the musical world. Our musical classes for toddlers incorporate a mixture of original and known musical favourites, actions to songs, percussion, movement to music and musical craft relating to the lesson topic. Located in Wembley, Perth our music school is the perfect place to explore the musical language.

Our music lessons for toddlers through to 2-year olds include an introduction to early music fundamentals such as:

  • Rhythm/Beat - using percussions
  • Aural - developing listening skills
  • Pitch - singing songs
  • Gross motor skills - action to music or songs

Children are required to attend one lesson per week for 30 minutes with parents or a carer, and siblings are welcome to attend. For lots of musical fun in an unpressured classroom environment, get in contact with the International School of Music Westcoast today. Perfect for toddlers, through to 2-year olds, our music classes are an ideal way to create the ultimate foundation for a lifetime of musical love!